• “European Health Authorities make efforts to cut down the percentage of smokers to from 35% in average to 25% (U.S. level). The new ex-smokers will search for surrogates.

  • “Worldwide tobacco sales 2011 made approx. $ 740 bn.”



Quitting smoking brings great rewards for smokers who become ex-smokers. However, possible pitfalls lie ahead for people who have just given up cigarettes and are vulnerable to going back to a nicotine addiction. The Powderette™ can help to stand firm during that first hard time.

Dealing with temptations to smoke again often starts on the first day of quitting and can last for days or weeks. Many ex-smokers have an emotional attachment to smoking for a time. They may remember smoking while having a cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage. Smoking after a meal had been a common practice. So with help of a Powderette™ the ex-smoker can avoid spontaneous craving which occurs at frequent intervals.

Gaining weight occurs to many people after they quit smoking. Ex-smokers have an increased appetite to replace their nicotine addiction. Some people refuse to quit because they do not want to gain wait. Others, who have been substituting their craving with chocolate, which is very common, go back to smoking when they add more pounds. A Powderette™ product like Chocaps (, which has less then three calories per serving, helps ex-smokers to overcome their need to smoke by substituting a harmful habit with an innovative and healthy treat.


by courtesy of Chocaps