• “Worldwide there are 1 bn overweight adults. Only the U.S. diet market is approx. $ 60 bn.

  • “My son is overweight. Chocaps help him to control his craving for sweets.”

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A recent study from Cornell University claims that obesity-related problems weigh in at nearly 21% of U.S. health care costs, with an estimated total price tag of $190.2 billion per year, twice as much as previously estimated. The study made a strong case for government to intervene more intensively to reduce that number.

Apparently 34% of Americans are now considered "obese," three times as high a percentage as in 1960. Those who are studying the outlays of resources on this weighty problem say that obese people are sick more, have more chronic illnesses, and lose work productivity. The prime reason can be seen in the changed nutritional habits: frequent high calory intake within short time spans.

According to futurologist Christian Hehenberger, quoted in CASH Magazine: „the future in nutrition will belong to functional products which need little chewing and can be consumed in small units..." the Powderette™ might well become one of the leading products in future nutrition.

Here´s one example of a European brand that uses the Powderette™ system:

"Within only a short period of eating chocolate or other candy, the intake of a very high amount of calories is inevitable. When the chocolate is dispensed by a Powderette™, the calory intake can be reduced by a factor of 100 in the same time span." says R. Haas, the inventor of Chocaps.

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