• “Almost 40% of the American adults have experienced difficulty
    swallowing pills. The majority of the children is unwilling.

    Study by schwarz pahrma
  • “The Powderette could be an interesting alternative of oral drug delivery.”

    DR. Grassauer, CEO Marinomed

innovative oral drug delivery

Although there is a considerable number of patients who are unable or unwilling to swallow a pill, oral administration, by which pharmaceutically-active materials formulated as tablets or capsules are taken by mouth, remains by far the most prevalent method of drug delivery.

The Powderette™ system deals with that problem by offering a simple and comfortable way to ingest up to 1,200 mg of powdery substances acting on the oral mucosa. The system enables a dosed and stepwise emptying of the capsule and by that an ideal precondition for the application of analgetic and analeptic substances.

adaptable parameters

  • Capsule size can be chosen from Sizes 0 to 000
  • Capsule colours are available in opaque, transluscent and shiny pearl surfaces
  • Capsule branding options reach from individual logo prints to sealing with corporate colour stripes
  • Applicator design can vary in shape and surface will be individually designd to meet the clients corporate design
  • Applicator material is by default a biopolymer but can be changed to meet all regulatory requirements
  • Applicator branding can be customized by logo prints and unqiue corporate colours